On site testing

Site testing is part of nearly all projects we do, whether it is the initial site test at the start of the project, sample testing of a project during construction, or pre completion testing to show compliance with design targets

Site testing includes the following:

An existing building which is to be redeveloped can be tested to establish the initial state of its external noise break-in, internal noise break-out, sound insulation between spaces, and internal acoustics. This gives a more reliable feed to the design stages and identifies where the main weaknesses are.

In a large development where there is a lot of repetition of the design, such as hotels and apartment blocks, sample testing is useful to identify any hidden weaknesses in the construction and to give peace of mind before committing to extensive building work

Pre completion testing of sound insulation is requirement for most dwellings and rooms for residential purposes under the Building Regulations Approved Document E (ADE or Part E). This comprises the airborne sound testing of walls and the airborne and impact sound testing of floors. ADC is an approved test company under the ANC scheme

Air testing or Air tightness testing is also part of the Building Regulations Approved document L (ADL or Part L). ADC offers this service alongside its sound testing services.

Ambient noise, mechanical services noise, internal acoustics, sound insulation is often required at completion to prove compliance with statuary criteria, best practice criteria, brand standards, planning conditions, licensing conditions, etc.

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