Are you ready for Air testing !!

The concept of air-tightness testing and what to look out for-

Before any air tester engineer  should make trip to site they should ask the following to there client !

This will stop any re-vist’s.

1, Is there 240v power on site,

2, All penetration going though the envelope should be sealed E.G. Pipe work, Cables, Steel.

3, All skiing boards are seal  to the floor and wall’s (If using hard wood stained make sure it’s sealed at the back

4, All downlight have been installed correctly

5, Loft hatch to be secured with effective as sealing.

6, Before boxing are fitted, make sure any Penetration vie floor or ceiling hase been completed before in box has been fixed,

7, Water has been placed in toilets and waste traps

6 Fire board has been sealed,

8, Under kitchen units along the back wall (This is easier if its skirted)

If you follow these simple rules you should have no problems achieving your figures,

Please tell all trades if they drill it they should fill it !!!





Sound Insulation Test ……

Working with Amber fox Developments today,

To conduct a sound test between plot 1 &  2  The Ridgeway, Alvanley, Frodham.

This barn conversion  split up in to, two 4 bedroom house’s, so as you can well imagine  thats lots of oak beam’s vaulted ceilings  and lots of natural light cascading though the building which give’s you perfect living space.

Target for conversion 43dB for building regualtion,

Measurement of party wall 53dB  whitch has passed by 10dB.

  Well done Amber fox!!

Outside plot 2

Outside plot 2


Kitchen Day room Plot 2

Kitchen Day room Plot 2


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